About the fruit farm

Apple production in our farm has over 100 years tradition and already four generations (fifth is growing up) are struggling with difficulty of fruit production, which are not forbidden anymore thanks to Adam and Eva. Our farm has undergone technical and technology evolution for production of healthly and tasty apples which are enjoying apple eaters all over The Wolrd. Exactly! We deliver our fruits to different continents. They are eaten by Poles and other Europenian people but also Africans, Arabs, Asians and even Americans.


Our fruit farm is located in Grójec county which is said to be the biggest orchard in Europe. Only from this region comes 1/3 of over 4 mln tons of apples produced in Poland. Our part is 1000 tons of the best quality apples which we are growing in our 20 ha orchard. We are struggling with mother nature that force us to use different techniques of protecting our apple trees against spring frost and hail (anti-frost irrigation and anti-hail nets). We are able to  sell apples almost whole year because fruits are kept in proffessional storage cells that helps to keep the best quality and taste for a long time.


In our fruit farm we produce only apples of the following varieties:

  • RedJonaprince
  • Golden Delicious
  • Gala Schniga® SchniCo©

  • Gala Schniga® SchniCo red©

  • Red Delicious Redvelox®

  • Empire
  • Szampion
  • Ligol
  • Gloster
  • Idared

All varieties are produced for the fresh market under supervision of state and private owned certification bodies because our farm is participating in following food quality systems: Integrated Production, GlobalGAP and QS.

All apples coming from our farm are certified as Apples from Grójec – Protected Geographical Inidcation that help our apples to be identified on global market, especially in Europe.

Apples from Grójec - Protected Geographical Indication

Region of Grójec called The Biggest Orchard of Europe it is over 500 years of fruit growing traditions. Queen Bona, who in XVI century received the land in this part of the country, allocated it for the royal fruit plantation, especially apples.  For the next centures Apples from Grójec were known not only on polish tables but also on whole continent. Nowadays in Grójec region you can find intensive orchards which are delivering almost 40% of polish apple production.




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Phone and Viber: +48 604 473 413 

We speak: english, polish. We understand: russian.

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